Our wooden products are in meranti, pine and oak all in solid laminated wood.

They are available in several thicknesses and profiles including the classical Dutch style in 67×114 mm as well as the German style in 68×80, 78×80, 92×80 mm. We also produce vertically sliding windows particularly for Dutch and English market. Surface treatment is up to 180 micron based on three passages of water-based paint. If required we supply the products as pre-painted only up to 120 micron on the surface.

68 Elegance (Channeled)

68 Elegance

68 Standart (Channeled)

68 Standart

68 Classic LUX

78 Eco LUX

92 Passiv LUX

68 Klassik-SR

68 Profiliert-SR

68 Klassik-HRS

68 Profiliert-HRP

78 Klassik-ER

78 Profiliert-ER

78 ProExklusiv-ER

78 Schräg-ER

78 Proform-HRS

90 Klassik-ER

90 Proform-ER